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Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce

This is the most simple Vegan Cheese sauce recipe you will find!

When I first made this receipe, it called for about $20 worth of Cashew nuts, which not only expensive, didn't add anything to the sauce. So when I made it the next time I flagged the nuts and it was just as good (just way cheaper).

The great thing about this receipe is that it is very forgiving. Not enough butter, add some more. Not enough milk, add some more.

1/2 Cup Plant Basics Nutritional Yeast
2 teaspoons Plant Basics Onion Powder
1 Tablespoon Dairy Free Butter/Marg (we use Olivani)
750mls Soy Milk
1-2 Tablespoons Flour

Melt dairy free butter/margarine in large pan.

Once melted, add flour and use whisk to combine till butter has formed a paste.

Gradually add soy milk whisking continuously.

Once all soy milk is in, add Nutritional Yeast and Onion Powder and stir through.

Season to taste. 

Pro tip: add some crushed garlic into the butter before adding the flour in for a delish creamy garlic taste.

This receipe makes around 800mls of sauce, which is perfect to pour over steamed veges, vegan cabonara, vegan macaroni cheese vegan fondue or lasange.

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