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From the start...

One evening over wine in late 2018, three vegans - a Brit (Dave), a Kiwi (Laura) and a Yank (Paige) - discussed the challenges of navigating a plant-based diet in the beginning.
We all agreed that it wasn’t exactly a vegan piece of a cake and the transition would’ve been a lot easier with a guide or some beginner’s recipes. From these discussions, Plant Basics was formed to help others interested in a plant-based lifestyle.
Paige returned to the USA in late 2018 to work with a big vegan organisation and is looking to start Plant Basics USA. She is still involved with ideas, and recipe advice.
Dave is hard core about his training and health and is chief taste tester for Plant Basics products and recipes.


We are Laura and Leon Davis and we are the faces behind Plant Basics. We are supported by our french bulldog Stevie and we are so excited for you to try our products and love them as much as we do!